WEEKLY HITCH is a film studies and writing project, in which I watch all (or most) of Alfred Hitchcock’s films, in chronological order, for about a year.

In addition to viewing and reviewing each film, I will also try to trace influences, history, impact, and try to learn what I can about filmmaking by following along in the footsteps of my favourite director.

Before you bother to tell me, I’m aware that people have done this before. But, I still want to better myself and my understanding, so you’ll just have to find someone else who cares about how original they’re being.

Weekly Hitch began on April 29, 2014 – 34 years after the day that Alfred Hitchcock died. The reason for this being that I wanted to choose an important day, and his birthday isn’t until August and I was impatient.


Jason Filiatrault, is an award-winning Canadian screenwriter and social media hack. His  credits have included the web-series Bunny Hug,  story editing for the CTV sitcom Spun Out, and writing and directing his first short film Three in a Bed. Jason was selected for development assistance from the Harold Greenberg Fun, and the National Screen Institute’s Script-To-Screen Program. Jason currently has two feature scripts in development and another sitcom currently in the works. He lives in Calgary, Canada and really wishes he was even a tiny bit as talented as Hitchcock was.

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