WEEK 28: Shadow of a Doubt (1943)


Hello, good day, and good evening – and welcome back to Weekly Hitch. This is a film studies blog wherein I watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, in order, and think about them. I try to do this every week, but rarely actually make it because I’m a human and not a movie watching machine!

This week, the 28th so far, we tackle Hitch’s favourite of his own films, and possibly the first true masterpiece that Hitchcock made. It’s his first truly American film, and bridges the chasm between his British period potential and his future genius. It’s 1943’s Shadow Of A Doubt.

WEEK 16: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

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It’s week 16 at Weekly Hitch, a film-type blog where I watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies in chronological order, no matter what they are, and then I talk about them and tell people what I think. You’re people.

This week Hitchcock turns a corner and we turn it with him as I watch 1934’s classic, exciting, and only slightly flawed thriller The Man Who Knew Too Much. So read on, and see how much he knew!