WEEK 26: Suspicion (1941)


Hello! And another happy welcome to the increasingly-inaccurately named Weekly Hitch. This is a blog wherein I attempt to watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s films in order, at about a movie a week, and then I write about them sporadically because life is hard.

This week, Hitchcock takes a step back from the comedy of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and heads for the safer harbour of romantic melodrama, with the very Rebecca-like and Joan Fontaine-starring RKO marriage tale… Suspicion.

WEEK 21: The Lady Vanishes (1938)


After a couple months spent writing for a television show with nary a moment to watch amazing old movies, I am returned to the trail – and ready to carry on with the twenty-first week of Weekly Hitch, a project type thing in which I watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s films in order and try to think about them – and what might be my favourite of all Hitch’s movies.

This week brings us to Hitchcock’s penultimate British film – and one of his most enjoyable, clever, funny, exciting, and satisfying films – 1938’s The Lady Vanishes. It’s a great film made even more poignant by the times in which it was made. So all aboard for adventure!

WEEK 14: Number 17 (1932)


It’s another week and another Hitch here at Weekly Hitch. This is a blog-type project in which I watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, in chronological order, and then dissect them like a frog in a high school biology class – except, unlike the frog – the movies will live on forever.

This week, my 14th on the project, brings us to the much derided and curiously uneven crime thrillerish sort-of-comedy Number 17. So, welcome, and let’s begin.